Dance Shoe Guide

Dance Shoe Guide

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Why You Should Get Dance Shoes

It’s a good idea to get dance shoes once you start dancing. Having the proper footwear will make your dancing experience that much more enjoyable. When you are first learning to dance, dancing is often likened to walking. Although this is a useful metaphor in learning to dance, there are, in fact, some significant differences, the big one being that in dancing we often drag, slide, and brush our feet along the floor.

In general, street shoes will simply not allow you to do this properly and therefore you will not be able to dance and learn correctly. Studios go through great expense to provide smooth dance floors, but that is only half the equation… the other half is what’s on the bottom of your feet.

Your normal street shoes may have several disadvantages that will make it harder to learn including:

  1. having too much traction – which means you can’t effortlessly slide your feet on the floor. This also makes it difficult to turn (and can actually be dangerous for your knee joint).
  2. being big, bulky, or heavy – which makes dancing feel clumsy.
  3. (ladies) not securing your heel in the shoe – which can make it difficult to find your balance.
  4. (ladies) not having a sturdy heel – which can make you step tentatively rather than confidently for fear the heel may break. Dance shoes have very strong heels.
  5. being inflexible – which makes it hard to use your feet fully because your range of motion is limited.
  6. having a thick sole – which makes it hard to feel the floor.

For your first lesson it’s not necessary for you to have dance shoes, but you’ll want to get them as soon as you can.

Buying Dance Shoes in Las Vegas

If you live in Las Vegas you basically have three options for buying dance shoes: 1) Local shop, 2) Mail order shoe company (online or by phone), or 3)Vendor at a dance competition. Below you will find some places in Las Vegas to buy dance shoes. These shops often carry shoes for many different forms of dance (e.g., ballroom, ballet, jazz, tap, etc.), so make sure you get a shoe specifically for Ballroom and/or Latin dancing. Jazz sneakers, which are sometimes used for Ballroom (or Latin) dancing, are an exception, but these are more often used for practice.

Just so you know it is customary for ladies to wear nude/tan/beige color shoes; this has the effect of making the legs look longer – a good thing. The custom is black shoes for men.

Dance Shoe Stores in Las Vegas

1043 S. Rampart Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89145
(702) 938 – 1425
Nearest Cross Streets: Charleston Blvd. & Fort Apache Rd.
Located in the Rampart Commons near P.F. Chang’s.


Dance 4 Less
2700 E Patrick Ln, Suite 20
Las Vegas, NV 89120
(702) 262 – 7946
Nearest Cross Streets: Eastern Ave. & Patrick Ln.


The Dance Shoppe
1181 S Buffalo Dr Ste 100
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 202-6161
Nearest Cross Streets: Buffalo Dr & Charleston Blvd


Star Costume & Theatrical Supply
3230 S. Valley View Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 731 – 5014
Nearest Cross Streets: Desert Inn Rd. & Valley View Blvd.
Located next to Super Pawn.

Online Shoe Stores

Buying shoes online will give you access to the widest variety of shoes and sizes. The down side is it will be harder to know if the shoes will be a good fit. However, most stores will let you return the shoes as long as you don’t get them dirty (i.e., you’ve only tried them on and walked around on your carpet)

Local Competitions with Shoe Vendors

The following is a list of local dance competitions right here in Las Vegas that have shoe vendors. The competitions are held every year at major hotels on the strip. You’ll have a small window of opportunity to get shoes as each of these competitions runs for only two to four days. The advantage is they carry a wide range of styles and many sizes.

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