Sensual Bachata- from Nada to Suave

Sensual Bachata- from Nada to Suave!

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Are you ready to become a bachata pro?!

Ready to take the dance floor by storm with your Bachata moves? This online class is perfect for those with little to no experience looking to become an advanced dancer.

Focusing on the popular Latin dance of Bachata, this class is designed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to thrive on the dance floor. The comprehensive course covers everything from the basics to advanced techniques and body movement, with digestible portions for easy learning. The class is divided into two levels: Bronze and Silver, so you can track your progress.

The instructors, Bain and Tjasa, have over 30 years of combined dance experience and have taught all over the world. They will guide you through the class with their expert instruction and personalized feedback.

All you need to start is a willingness to try something new and a partner for the basic turn patterns. With over a year of work and dedication put into this class, you can be sure that you will learn the hottest Sensual Bachata moves and everything in between. Sign up now and start your journey to becoming a Bachata pro!”

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Sensual Bachata- from Nada to Suave, course contents:

1. Bain’s Introduction Video
2. Bronze- Lesson 1 Technique
3. Bronze- Lesson 2 Basic Step
4. Bronze- Lesson 3 Box Step
5. Bronze- Lesson 4 Basic in Place
6. Bronze- Lesson 5 Separation
7. Bronze- Lesson 6 3 Step Turns
8. Bronze- Lesson 7 Simple Wrap
9. Bronze- Lesson 8 Hammer Lock
10. Bronze- Lesson 9 Tornadoes
11. Bronze- Lesson 10 The 180
12. Bronze- Lesson 11 Cross Body Lead
13. Bronze- Lesson 12 Change of Place
14. Bronze- Lesson 13 Wraps Side to Side
15. Bronze- Lesson 14 Wraps with Taps
16. Bronze- Lesson 15 Hands No Hands
17. Bronze- Lesson 16 Madrid Step & Bridge
18. Silver- Lesson 1 Frames and Holdes
19. Silver- Lesson 2 Musicality
20. Silver- Lesson 3 Isolations
21. Silver- Lesson 4 Chest Circles
22. Silver- Lesson 5 Shoulder Rolls
23. Silver- Lesson 6 Small Dip
24. Silver- Lesson 7 Neck Rolls
25. Silver- Lesson 8 Hip Swings
26. Silver- Lesson 9 Booty Roll
27. Silver- Lesson 10 Snake & Sit
28. Silver- Lesson 11 Reverse Snake
29. Silver- Lesson 12 Back Dip
30. Silver- Lesson 13 Body Rolls
31. Silver- Lesson 14 Experienced Basic Step
32. Silver- Lesson 15 Experienced Turns
33. Silver- Lesson 16 Reverse Snake Flip and Sit
34. Silver- Lesson 17 Left Foot Slide
35. Silver- Lesson 18 Wrap & Body Roll
36. Silver- Lesson 19 Shadow Position
37. Silver- Lesson 20 Knee Sit Isolations
38. Silver- Lesson 21 Right Foot Side From Shadow Position
39. Silver- Lesson 22 Bain’s Magic
40. Silver- Lesson 23 Side Separation & Side Knee Dip
41. Silver- Lesson 24 Leaning Body Rolls
42. Silver- Lesson 25 Stop & Bow

Bain and Tjasa have a clear and easy to follow teaching style that will turn you into a Bachata master!

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